Wednesday, March 23, 2016

We Fight, We Fall Review...

New Adult Contemporary Romance: Contains adult/mature situations due to language and sexuality. Read at your own risk ;)

We Fight, We Fall (Fight and Fall #1)

Two fallen people, consumed by secrets. Can they heal each other? Or will past demons destroy everything worth fighting for? There are times when we must fight before we fall.

24-year old Emma Blackwell is running. Running away from the life she once had in Arizona. She moves to Astoria, Oregon, hoping for a new beginning. Can she finally repair the damage that was done to her?

Aiden Crowe is hiding. Hiding the man that he wants to be, before everything fell apart. All he wants is to live day to day, his pain a bitter reminder of the past. He's broken beyond repair, and nothing can change that.

Two people, who find themselves with nowhere to go, find exactly what they weren't looking for. When ruptured hearts cross paths, will they finally mend or forever remain shattered?

In We Fight, We Fall, love decides who is worth fighting for and what is worth falling for.


Emma is on the run from the life she had after a tragic accident.  Aiden is hiding from his life after an accident that destroyed him body and soul.  Neither of them are looking for anything romantic but when you least expect something is when it always finds you.  After an altercation at the bar she visits her first night in town he invites her to stay with him.  Things escalate and they fall for each other.  But can they let their secrets go?  Can they make it through their pasts together?  Or will their pasts come back to haunt them in the end and tear them apart?

These characters are so interesting.  I felt like I had been a part of this book.  I love that Aiden has a major disability because you don't often see that in books.  The plot was fun, entertaining and well formed.  The flow and pace were spot on.  I also enjoyed the authors writing style.

I can't wait to read more of this series.  While this book was amazing and entertaining left me asking 'WTF just happened'.  It was definitely a cliffhanger and not a happily ever after at all.  This was a new author for me and I can't wait to enjoy more books by her.  Great book!  Great author!  The rating I give this book is due to the cliffhanger ending.

4 Hidden Stars!

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