Monday, May 13, 2013

Bent by H.B. Heinzer

GoodReads Description:

If there’s one thing Julia Wilson has learned in life, it’s that you can’t push your own dreams to the background for anyone. Newly divorced, Julia returns to the hometown she once swore would never see her again. Her plan is simple; enjoy the cheap rent her friend is offering and stay just long enough to develop a plan to make her own dreams come true. 

It doesn’t take long before Julia realizes she’s made a big mistake. 

Micah Anderson came closer to breaking Julia than anyone else ever had. After promising her forever, he broke her heart the week before she left for college. Now, Julia’s back in town and he’s going to have to tell her the truth about why he left her. It’s not possible to hide a twelve year old child when you live in a town of 5,000 people. 

Is following your dreams worth it if it means giving up on a second chance with her first love? Is trying to make a relationship work worth it if his past becomes a threat to her safety?

My Review:

This book deeply reminded me of a relationship I once had and it made me really wish that the things in this book would truly happen.  I found myself tearing up a lot, but I also did a lot of yelling at the book and laughing as well.  There are a ton of great parts of this book and I can't wait to reread it.  How I really felt about this book is so extremely hard to put into words.  I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THIS BOOK!!!!

My Rating:

6 out of 5 stars

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