Monday, October 7, 2013

A Playboy's Love Affair Review...

A Playboy’s Love Affair

By: Emily Quinn

What a playboy wants, a playboy gets…

Alex St. Jones, black sheep of the famous St. Joneses, is the playboy of playboys whose only love affair is his freedom. He lives by one rule: Enchant them. Seduce them. Leave them. But that’s about to change when a midnight temptress stumbles upon him and demands he kiss her.

Carly Mitchell wants nothing to do with Alex St. Jones. She hates his good looks, his arrogance. Plus, he won’t leave her alone no matter what she does. Most importantly, she hates that she’s falling for him. But she’s determined not to go down without a fight and to teach him a lesson at that. Alex may have met the one woman he cannot tame, but he doesn’t plan on letting that stop him.

Will Carly withstand his charms? When two strong personalities collide, sparks are sure to fly.


Carly stopped in her tracks and faced him. “Yes! I’m jealous. I admit it. I’m dying of jealousy. Satisfied? Now you know my big secret. Carly Mitchell is jealous because—” She stopped mid-sentence, covering her mouth with a hand, twirling back around and walked out the door. “To hell with you and your contract too. You can sue me all you want. I don’t give a s—”
Alex’s strong hand grasped her upper arms.
“You’re not going anywhere.” He twirled her back around and flattened her against the wall.
“Let me go!” Carly struggled.
Alex pressed her harder, his leg between her thighs. One hand held her neck, his other hand gripped her chin, as he captured her mouth with a kiss. Carly gave up fighting him the moment his tongue collided with hers. Instead, she dragged her hands up his arms and allowed him to cup her bottom lifting her, wrapping her legs around his hips.
He groaned at the contact of her fingers sliding in his hair, pulling it back as she held on to him. He enjoyed makeup sex, except that wasn’t how tonight should’ve ended. There was no stopping him now; Alex hadn’t seen her in a week and wanted nothing more than to be with her. Carly had looked beautiful in that dress.
Alex would’ve liked nothing more than to take it off slowly, but she’d undressed herself. Fury blinded him seeing her with Jay and the way he’d touched her. That would never happen again, not if he had a say in it, and he did.
His lips left her mouth and feasted on her delicate neck, his hands wandering inside her cami and grabbing her bare breasts. Carly pulled her arms up, inviting Alex to rid her of her cami, moaning when his mouth closed around her breast, his teeth grazing her tight nipple.


By Missy:

Carly Mitchell found herself hiding from her Ex Fiance in the trees at the 10th Anniversary Party of her friends company when she came face to face with none other than playboy Alex St. Jones. She stepped forward said his name obviously she knew who he was then and asked him if he was trying to get away also, then she handed him the wine bottle that she had been drinking from and asked if he wanted a drink. Alex knew he had never seen this beautiful woman before and asked her who she was. She introduced herself then asked if he was going to take a drink or not. He took a drink and then asked who she was hiding from and she told him her Ex, he gazed at her and with raised brows said "Your Ex". Carly says "yes, he;s an asshole, in fact all men are assholes". They stood talking for a few more minutes and then she spotted Matt. She looked at Alex and said "Kiss me"!  Alex was a little shocked and wasn't sure he heard her right he wasn't going to play it her was and if she wanted him to kiss her she was going to play by his rules. He told her so But then she but she said it again and then she stretched up and flung out her arms circling him with them pulling him close and covering his mouth with hers and she kissed him. It worked like she wanted it to, Matt seen her  and Alex kissing. She had had a rough time tonight, she knew her relationship with her Fiance Matthew Bolerjack was a lost cause but when she walked in and found him in bed with his assistant she knew the wedding was definitely off permanently.   Last night she had gone and done something really stupid and kissed the biggest playboy in town. Tonight was the night,  she knew she couldn't hide anymore, she had to tell Matt  that it was over. He walked into her place and he tried to walk up to her but no matter where he stepped she made sure something was in between them. He started to talk telling her they needed to talk about what she walked in on. Carly told him there was no need for explanations as their relationship was over. He actually got angry and asked her what she meant by it was over. She explained the relationship hadn't been working for a long time so it was time to call it quits and now you can work it out with Karen. Then Matt had the nerve to say "Oh yeah you want me to work it out with Karen so you can run and mess around with your new friend Alex St. Jones". This statement lit her temper right up and before she knew it she  said "Yes, he's a thousand  times better a lover than you will ever be". Carly never thought Matt would ever know it was a lie or ever do anything about it. The next day Alex showed up at the Carly's office with a black and blue eye saying she owed him and he was going to collect. She wasn't going to play his game because she knew she would get her heart broken but he wasn't going to let this go. He insisted she have dinner with her that night and she listen to his proposition. This was the beginning of a rollercoaster ride that affected both of them and their friends. 

WOW !! This book was awesome !! I'd recommend it to all who enjoy alpha males who are challenged by strong confident females who stand up for themselves.  Alex is definitely a bad boy who the media love to keep tabs on and Carly was not used to that. The author flowed through this story smoothly with hot steamy scenes, plus scenes that make you feel for each character.  
Emily Quinn writes sexy contemporary romances with irresistible bad boys, feisty heroines, a bit of conflict, humor and a dash of spice.

She loves books and falls in love with every hero she reads. Emily lives in sunny Southern California with her husband, two kids, and her dog. She also writes as Evie Knight.

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