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More Than Forever Review!!!

Title: More Than Forever
Author: Mary B. Moore
Genre: Contemporary Romance, RomCom
Cover Designer: S Van Horne
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Luke Montgomery never forgot Isla Banks after she left Piersville. When she came back he knew that he finally had his chance to show her that this was the real deal.

After his accident, believing the worst, Isla goes to Singapore to represent the Montgomerys business and to heal her broken heart.

Waking up to find Isla gone, Luke starts to plan how to fix the damage to their relationship. Watching as she becomes ill thousands of miles away, he knows he has to be by her side.

After an attempt on his life back home, he takes Isla and hides in Indonesia determined to protect her and their future from whomever is set on killing the Montgomerys.

Back home the sabotage continues and after the attempt on Brett's life, the Prices and Montgomerys have joined forces to track down who is responsible, but finding people who don't want to be found proves easier said than done.

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I could see that they immediately recognized my last name. Right now I didn’t care what they were thinking, I just wanted Isla to wake up and to hold her.

“Okay Mr Montgomery, you may stay. Could you go and stand over there please,” the Doctor pointed towards the end of Isla’s bed. “You can still see her; we just need some space to do some small tests.”

Walking down where he’d pointed I watched as they took her blood pressure and pulse. Just as they were writing down the information her eyes started to flutter and slowly opened, looked around and then stopped on me. I couldn’t wait anymore and walked around to where the Doctor had been standing before he went to look at some of the monitors attached to her.

“Angel,” I bent over and kissed her forehead, inhaling the smell that was just Isla. God it felt so good to be close to her again, even the pain in my leg didn’t feel as bad around her.

I was so busy with my thoughts that I never saw the hand coming up towards my face until it slapped me harder than I thought her little hand could.


Forever Mine (Book 1) Review:

So, while I enjoyed the plot and characters of this book I had issues with the flow.  Maya moves to the town where her uncle and cousins live in order to get away from a stalkerish ex boyfriend.  She didn’t expect to meet somebody new until she gets a job decorating all the houses on a ranch.  On the ranch she meets Ren and falls hard for him.  Ren has been a playboy his entire life but when he meets Maya he figures out he doesn’t want that life anymore, he wants Maya and only Maya.  You have crazy protective cousins, gay best friends, and tons of new friends.  This book is full of great characters, fun laughs and so many twists.

As I said before the characters are great, dynamic and well rounded.  The plot was good as was the pace.  However, like I said, I had issues with the flow.  You would be going through a chapter and it would switch characters POV part way through or it would throw in a new characters POV within the chapter, usually Luke or Isla’s POV.  I felt like it switched POV’s just as things were getting good and move onto another characters story.  It was kind of annoying.

I do look forward to reading book two soon because I absolutely want to know these characters more.  The ending was great.  However, because of my issues with the flow this book only gets 4 stars!

More Than Forever (Book 2) Review:

I enjoyed this book but I just didn’t love it.  The characters are good, the plot is interesting, but the flow of the book was way too choppy for me.  There were just too many shifts between characters in short periods of time.  The constant switches between characters screwed with the flow and the pace.  I had the same issue with the first book.  It made me feel like I was missing key pieces of information.  It’s almost like there was too much going on and not enough time for the characters to talk about it.
Again it is a good general idea.  It needs spaced out and slowed down.  It needs to be less choppy but not including so many different points of view.  The characters need more time to tell their story so they aren’t rushed.  I kept having to go back to the last heading to figure out who was talking at that time.  I did enjoy the plot so I would consider reading more by this author, this series however was not for me.
3.5 stars!

I've always been an avid reader and writer, so when my best friends (three males who drive me closer to insanity daily) dared me to publish, in fact triple dared with no returnseys, I couldn't say no - the forefits are always painful. Deciding to shelve all of the work I'd ever done and to and to start with a new project was my best idea though, at least I think so. After being on the brink of insanity many times, I'm delighted to confirm that I came out of it with my dignity still intact.....just!

I'm the daughter of diplomats who has lived all over the world and you'd be hard placed to figure out where my accent is from - it's a Heinz 57 variety accent. My poor child has also picked up my accent and vocabulary, which is predominantly American I guess.

My projects so far include a contemporary romance series called the Providence Series and its subseries called Amity, an MC series that I'm excited about called Luthers Vengeance and also a paranormal series that I'm still planning out.

For now, though, it's all about the romance……

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