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Charming Review...

Title: Charming
Author: Jennifer Miller
Genre: Chick Lit
Cover Designer: Robin Harper with Wicked by Designs
Editor: CDK & Associates
Hosted by: Lady Amber’s PR

“Fairytale Vacations – where it’s our job to make your dreams come true!”

They promised me a vacation,
One I'd never forget.
And I won't.
Not ever.

Call it crazy.
Call it a whirlwind romance.
Call it whatever you want.
I certainly never expected to meet anyone, let alone fall for, actor Asher Charming,
On my honeymoon,
The one I planned with someone else.

But sometimes fate, or fairy godmothers, step in, and things change.

For one week, I found love in a man I never saw coming.

I'm Ella and this is my story...


I am a huge fan of retellings, which is bizarre since I’m not a huge fan of the originals.  Anyways, I digress.  I was intrigued by the premise of this book and fell in love with it almost as soon as I started reading.  I am sleep deprived and emotionally drained this morning because of this book.  But the end of this book is just wow and I must have more because while everything is neatly wrapped up you don’t get to know so much.
Anyways, the book follows Gabriella, Ella, through the few weeks after she leaves her ex standing at the altar.  She goes on her honeymoon trip with her best friend, where she meets the love of her life in the form of Asher Charming.  From the second he spots her he knows they are meant to be together but do things get out of hand too quickly?  Do these two have a week long fling or can it last forever?  Can Ella get out from under the drama that her stepmother and stepsister have created in order to keep her company?  Will there be a happily ever after for these two?

This story is told from an interesting perspective.  Usually it is the characters recounting their lives for you the reader.  In this book most of the story is being told by the main character to the person she is sitting next to on the plane.  You don’t see many books written this way and I truly enjoyed it.  The author has a dynamic and unique writing style which helps to bring the story to life.  I felt like I belonged in this story myself.  The characters were extremely well written and dynamic.  The plot was full of life and intrigue, I couldn’t wait to find out what happened next.  The pace and flow of this book were perfect as well.  I would say that this is a flawless adult retelling of Cinderella, can’t say that I have found many of those yet.

I really hope that Jennifer decides to make some other retellings.  Cinderella and Red Riding Hood are the most common but let’s not forget all those other classic stories out there.  Cinderella is a decent story to begin with but the one thing I don’t understand is why would the girl run from the prince.  Sure her dress is about to change into a frumpy mess but if it’s love neither of them would care right?  So why run?  I am off on a tangent again.  Back on topic.  I look forward to reading some of Jennifer’s other books but in the meantime I may just reread this book a couple times.

5 charming stars

Author Jennifer Miller was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois but now calls Arizona home.  Her love of reading began when she was a small child, and only continued to grow as she entered adulthood.  Ever since winning a writing contest at the young age of nine, when she wrote a book about a girl with a pet unicorn, she’s dreamed of writing a book of her own.  The important lesson she learned about dreams is that they don’t just fall into your lap – you have to chase them yourself.  Most importantly, she is a wife and mother, and is very lucky to have a family that loves and supports her in all things.  She also has an unhealthy addiction to handbags and chocolate covered strawberries, neither of which she cares to work on.  For more information about Jennifer Miller, please visit

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