Thursday, September 8, 2016

Looking forward to the future!!!

Hello ladies and gents…
So the last couple years I have slowed things down on the blog a lot.  I had every intention of starting things up earlier this year however, life had other plans for me.  Things are starting to settle down for me again so it is time to work on making this blog all it can be again.  I have a ton of reviews that are ready and waiting to be posted (I just have to find the correct notebook).  Most of my books are currently in storage but I did pack a suitcase full of books that I intend to read this year out.  I have also obtained a slew of ARC’s and Galley’s through giveaways that I intend to get through hopefully this month.  Normally, I will post the books I hope to get through that week in a post on Sunday morning, as I am planning this a little late I will post below the rest of this week’s reading schedule(kind of like a stacking the shelf post).
I spent last night watching book vloggers and loved some of the things they did.  I don’t plan on starting a vlog at all but I do want to try and include some of these new things in my blog.  Here are some of the things that I want to start trying to include in my blog:
  • I will start including Book Haul’s and Unboxings at least once a month (if feasible) I have received several over the summer that I will post over the weekend, probably Saturday.
  • As I posted above I will start including a ‘Stacking the Shelves’ type post every Sunday
  • I will start a page/post about what reviews/tours I am taking part in each month so that you know when certain reviews will be posted.  (I actually already have a page devoted to this however have been lacking in keeping it up to date…so I will work on that)
  • I also want to try something I haven’t seen anybody else do (though it is probably done on many blogs) I want to go through and at least monthly (if not more) do a post about the books that I am most looking forward to reading.
  • I will also do a New Release Tuesday post (yes I know most Indie authors release any time they want to but publishers release on Tuesday only usually) for the books I know about for that week.
  • If it is feasible I want to try and promote more authors.  I do the cover reveals, release blitzes and promotional tours but I want to start reaching out to authors again and doing non tour related promotional posts/reviews for them.
  • Finally, I will start a challenge group.  I originally wanted to do it every other week but I think I will do it once a month.  The challenge group will be set up for people who are behind on reviews and will be a fun way to connect with other reviewers.  I will create an actual group on Facebook where you can post the books you plan on reading, your thoughts, recommendations and how many books you made it through during the challenge.
Not only am I hoping to integrate these new ideas into the blog but I have a lot of other fun things going on for the page as well.  I will be working hard to cross post all of the posts from the blog to both the facebook blog page and twitter.  I will be doing more promotional links on the Facebook page and will merge back into more book promotional things on Twitter (right now it is doing more promotion of my Etsy store than book things by far).  I will also post links to my book related items for sale on my Etsy store (right now there are only a couple bracelets that are book related but I plan on changing that soon).  I plan to do more giveaways on all platforms (right now I just have swag packs but as I finish them ARC’s and Galley’s may be up for grabs as well).
As it is already Thursday evening my list of books for this week will be kind of short (only 2 full days left this week).  Anyways this week I plan to finish/read:
  • Scarlett Epstein Hates It Here by Anna Breslaw (an ARC I won from Penguin
  • The Playbook by Kelly  (a book tour ARC for 9/17 date)
  • Mastiff by Tamora Pierce (audiobook)
  • It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover (which I will most likely have a giveaway posted for this book as I have two copies!)
Also one final thing before I close this post.  I just want to let you know that I am always looking to expand my Book Reviewer Team.  So if you love to read and leave honest reviews don’t be afraid to contact me either through direct message on either Facebook ( or Twitter @anbarnett84.  I’m also on Instagram @anbarnett84 but I don’t use it for book related items at this time and I am still extremely new to it.  It is more a way to see cute pictures of my cousins kids…lol.

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