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Perfect Ten Review...


Joseph Starling Jr. was in the right place at the right time. It didn’t take him long to discover his particular talent. He knew how to make a woman feel good. If she wasn’t screaming out his name, purring like a kitten or clawing at him like a lioness, he had failed. Mediocre was not a word in his vocabulary. Her enjoyment was so important to him that his own pleasure was a secondary concern. 

Faith Graham was nothing like the women he was required to date as an escort—it was what he liked about her from the first time he saw her. She was imperfect and insecure. Her hair was a bit on the wild side, and her clothes were slightly rumpled. But her curves! They were alluring. She had curves where most of the elite clientele he mingled with had straight lines, and not an ounce of softness to be found. Shocking him to his core, she didn’t want anything to do with him. 

Joe had always thought that working as an escort for Perfect Ten was a dream come true, but he was beginning to wonder if there was more to life than raking in the cash and having his pick of women on any given night. Could he start over with a new direction in life, or was he already at the age of twenty-six too jaded? Was there more out there for Joe Starling or was he destined to be a boy toy at the whim of any woman rich enough to afford him? 

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To make ends meet Joe becomes an escort for Perfect Ten.  When Faith's friends hire him to escort her to her sisters wedding.  At first she refuses but finally gives in.  Joe falls for her almost immediately and when she refuses to date him because of his job he makes the ultimate move and decides to quit his job.  Faith's family has always made her feel chubby and not beautiful, but Joe makes her feel beautiful all the time.  But can this work between them?  Can Joe make a clean break from Perfect Ten?  Will Faith start seeing herself the way that Joe does?

I absolutely love the characters of this book.  I have often times felt like Faith, the odd one out, so I could relate well with her character.  I liked watching the relationship form between these characters and how differently Joe treated different people.  The plot was fun and exciting.  I felt that parts of the book were a little slow but it didn't phase the book at all.  It flowed well and I enjoyed the authors writing style.

I look forward to reading more by this author.  I enjoyed every bit of this book.  It was sweet, funny and full of crazy characters.

5 stars

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