Thursday, December 17, 2015

The Other Brooks Boy Review...

They're friends, Greg Brooks and his sexy sister-in-law, Cara. Always have been. Since his brother's death, they've grown even closer, dealing with their grief together, as strong families do. These days though, Greg feels he's in an alternate universe, where Cara is the sun, and he's attracted to her in a gravitational pull he can't escape. And like the sun, she's become something he can't seem to do without. He's done denying he's attracted to Cara. There is no denying it. He doesn't understand how you can be a part of someone's life in one capacity for twenty years and suddenly find yourself looking at them differently one day. 

But there it is. Right in his face. 

He wants her. 

Since her husband died eighteen months ago, Cara's handsome brother-in-law, Greg has been her go-to-guy for advice, help with her teenagers, handyman repairs, and just about anything else she needs. His broad shoulders are more than able to carry the load. Lately, Cara's been feeling drawn to him in an altogether new way and she can't deny the sparks between them anymore. Greg Brooks is a dynamic and successful forty-year-old man who just happens to be really fit and damn good looking. No, there is nothing wrong with Greg Brooks. 

Except one thing. 

He's her brother-in-law, and that is a deal-breaker. 

*This book has strong adult themes and sexual content and is not appropriate for young readers.



This book was interesting to say the least.  I did love it.

Greg's brother died about two years ago and he has been helping his widow and children.  Suddenly he starts to have feelings for his brothers widow.  Cara also finds herself falling in love with Greg.  Under the circumstances Cara wants to wait and tell her kids and his mother until they are sure about what's going on between them.  Things fall apart but can they be fixed?  Can these two make it work?

This book was beyond good.  The story was good and different.  The characters were fun and intriguing.  The flow was flawless.  I was easily able to picture myself in this book making it a perfect book in my opinion.

I will definitely be reading more books by this author.  I can't explain how much I absolutely loved it.

5 stars!

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