Saturday, November 28, 2015

The Hot Bods Series Review...

Are you looking for a series that will not only make you swoon, but also heat you up? Look no further. The Hot Bods Series is a collection of four novellas, each one containing a feisty heroine and a hero who'll steal your heart. So come along with Skylar, Amy, Jane, and Francesca as they find their happily ever after, even when they feel like it will never happen. After all, it can't be as simple as falling in love, can it? 

Content Warning: these stories contain explicit sex



Lacey Wolfe can write ANYTHING!  I am in awe of these books because they are beyond hot and steamy.  This is a collection of all four books in the Hot Bods Series and I couldn't get enough of them.  I wish there were more but these four books covered the four main characters revolving around the Hot Bods Gym.

Book one follows Skylar and Dean as they try to fix a broken relationship.  Book two follows Amy and Adam as they try to figure things out as they start a new relationship.  Book three follows Jane who wants to make her ex Matt jealous so she finds a fake boyfriend Ben who she ends up falling in love with.  Finally book four follows the ever lovely Francesca as she falls harder for her high school sweetheart Randall.

I loved the books and found that they are all about finding that perfect person that meshes well with you.  But the books are also tightly based around sex and it is steamy as hell.  Each character has their own issues and it was fun to watch each couple work through their issues.

I did find that the relationships moved really quickly once they got going but they were also really unique and creative.  While I felt that things moved quickly it wasn't enough to make me dislike the book.  Realistic or

5 steamy stars!

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