Sunday, November 11, 2018

Night Embrace Review...

Setting: Modern New Orleans

"Night Embrace" spins the story of Talon, an ancient Celtic warrior who killed the son of the god Camulus.

Camulus cursed Talon, decreeing death for everyone he loved. Now a Dark-Hunter in modern-day New Orleans, Talon meets Sunshine, who is key to ending his curse once and for all. Not to mention helping him to save New Orleans from an ancient god bent on total destruction.

See original cover listed below. The cover shown here is the reissued cover that was done seven years ago.



Talon and Sunshine are something special.  I am ever so slowly making my way through this series.

Talon is an ancient Celtic warrior who was chosen as a dark hunter.  When he is run over by a Mardi Gras float Sunshine comes to the rescue.  Sunshine is an artist who loves the color pink.  She is also a reincarnation of Talon's dead wife.  Can she save him and New Orleans in the end?  Can Talon finally have his wife back?

I have loved all of the books in this series so far.  There was a lot going on in this book but that didn't make it any less good.  I love Sherrilyn's skill at mixing so many different mythological layers in one series.  We meet the Dream Hunters in this book, as well as several Gods from different cultures, and Dark Hunters from different backgrounds.  The tale woven here is unique and mindblowing.  The characters were well thought out and the plot was amazing.  How she can keep so many characters straight is beyond me.  I look forward to continuing the series in the near future.

5 sunny stars!

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