Wednesday, July 20, 2016

True Love in Laguna Review...

William Springs is jobless and single, something that would usually get a guy down, but it seems to be opening doors he didn’t expect. Visiting Laguna Beach for his cousin’s wedding, William meets a woman, capturing his interest at first sight.

Harper Powell has kept to herself since dating a reality star and getting dumped publicly. When meeting William at the hotel she works at, she is instantly attracted to the visiting stranger. He’s only in town temporarily, so this might be her chance to have some fun without getting hurt again.

​When it’s time for William to leave, he isn’t sure he can. After all, there is nothing at home waiting for him, but in Laguna Beach, there is and her name is Harper. 



William and Harper meet on his first day in Laguna Beach when she checks him into the hotel.  Both of them have been through the wringer when it comes to relationships.  By the time the trip is about to end for Will will he leave?  Is there anything to go back to Boston for?  Will Harper finally get over hiding from the camera's and her past?

Wow, just wow.  In this book you not only get to meet the two main characters but you get a quick view of Liam Maddox from the series Lacey wrote with Ella Jade, The Maddox Brothers.  You also meet some other amazing characters that I hope get their own stories now.  Each character has their own unique personality and I felt like I was each one of the characters.  The flow and pace were awesome.  The story line was freaking fantastic.

I will absolutely have to go back and read The Maddox Brothers now that I have met Liam in this book.  I look forward to Lacey's next book and am really hoping for either Amber or Madison's stories because they are so much fun.  Amazing book Lacey!

5 Fresh Stars!!!

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