Sunday, July 17, 2016

Reviewers Needed...

The Reading Bliss Review Team is looking for some new members!

I am looking for readers who enjoy a wide range of books, like myself.  I have books that range from children's books to dark erotica available now.  I judge books by the title and the cover and sometimes even the author.  If the title and cover appeal to me then I usually try to grab it.

I currently have a large selection of books from NetGalley as well as a selection of ARC's directly from the author sitting in my email account that I would love to let you enjoy as well.  That doesn't include the tour books that I will be receiving over the next several months.

A few things about this review team before we you decide.  As often as I am able I reward my reviewers for a job well done with ebooks, swag, paperbacks or gift cards.  I have a group on Facebook where I encourage you to pick books and talk about books.  I try to make it easy for everybody to select the books you want to read.  I don't ask much from my reviewers at all.  Just send me your honest reviews, post them on as many sites as you possibly can and enjoy yourselves.

I DO NOT tolerate stealing!!!  If I find out one of the books you are reviewing for me has popped up on a pirating site you will be out of the group before you can even say books.  As an aspiring author myself I would hope nobody would steal my books so I would provide them the same courtesy.

If you are interested in joining the review team feel free to look the group up on Facebook:  Reading Bliss Review Team and submit a request to join.  I am currently down to one reviewer and myself so there are quite a few spots open and a ton of books available to read!

Some examples of currently available books:

Sugar Daddy by Sawyer Bennett
Ravage by Tillie Cole
You Before Anyone Else by Julie Cross & Mark Perini
Tell Me A Story by Tamara Lush

That is just to name a few but there are many books available so come and join us to start reading today!

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