Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Losing Control Review...

Gia feels broken inside after several miscarriages and a failed marriage. Now she's just looking to have some fun... 

During her marriage, she and her husband tried for several years to have a baby, she got pregnant three times and miscarried all three. Her husband couldn't bear to give up his dream of having a family so they grew apart and eventually divorced. Gia feels like a total failure since she couldn't carry a child. But now, it's time to move on. She just wants to have a little fun. She needs to have a little fun. Secretly hoping of a wild sexual encounter with someone who craves to devour her inch by inch, she and a group of her closest friends set out to have a wild weekend at a rock festival which they look forward to every year. This is what she wants and what she needs, but is she really ready for this?

Ethan has been working too hard for the past ten years to have a serious relationship, but he's always fantasized about one woman... 

Ethan's put his heart and soul into this venue and this year it looks like he might finally make a profit. Each year it hosts a rock festival and every year he looks for one person, the same person, the problem is he doesn't know anything about her, he doesn't even know her name. Finally he meet's her and she's everything he always hoped for, except for one thing...she seems to be looking for a wild sexual encounter. This causes a bit of a dilemma since all he really wants is to get to know who this mystery woman is. He needs to know who she is. While trying to fulfill her every desire he gives her the most carnal sexual experience of her life, hoping she will open up to him and give him a chance to discover who she truly is.


Gia is a divorced woman who feels broken.  Every year she attends a weekend concert with her friends.  Ethan has seen and noticed Gia every year at the concert venue he owns.  She was married but he promises that if she is single this year he will try to make something happen.  Can Gia let Ethan in?  Can Ethan have the patience to wait for her to come around?  Will these two end up together?

Interesting plot, I absolutely loved it.  I also loved the characters more than I can say.  The flow was good.  The pace was excellent.  All in all a great book.

I felt that this book was about getting over your fears and past.  I mean Gia keeps saying she is broken and doesn't know who she is.  I love the idea behind the book.  I enjoyed the authors writing style.  I will definitely be looking for the rest of this series to find out what happens with these characters.  Great author and great book!

4.5 Broken Stars!

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