Sunday, June 26, 2016

Weekend 1 of my personal reading challenge...

So Friday night I realized that I have three books up for review this week and I had only made it half way (if that) through one of them.  So I set up a goal for myself to finish at least two of them this weekend.  The third one I would work through on my lunch breaks at work instead of a walk.

The weekend has been pretty busy so far.  I moved back in with my parents recently and since my room had been converted to a junk/craft room I was only able to bring about a weeks worth of clothing with me when I moved four weeks ago.  Yesterday the room was empty enough that I could bring my closet and clothing over.  So I spent the day clearing my stuff out of the camper where I have been sleeping (since they are leaving for camping on Saturday) and getting all of my clothes out of storage.  Today I will be finishing putting away and arranging clothing and rearranging the room so that my bed can come over soon.  Living at my parents house leaves me much less time to read than I desire so the reviews may be fewer than normal for the rest of this year.

However in lieu of all the craziness I am well on my way through my second book.  I finished the one I have been working on for weeks last night at around 2 am and got about two chapters into the next book before I crashed hard.  So I am around 20% into the second book of the weekend.  If I'm lucky I will be able to finish all three books and spend the week reading my library book and finishing the last 25% of the book I was reading before I realized I had review books I needed to read.

Anyways, here was my goal for this weekend:

His by Brenda Rothert (due Thursday) - finished
Slow Grind by Eva Spencer (due Tuesday) - at time of this post I am 22% into it
Profited by Lacey Black (due Thursday) - at this time I haven't started it

Also currently working through:

Chosen by Sarah Swan (on my kindle) - 83% in when I realized I had review books to read
Mortal Heart by Robin LaFevers (hardback library book) - not even 50 pages in and I've had it almost 3 weeks

Needless to say I would love to finish the four books on my kindle and worry about the library book through out the week but we will just have to wait and see what happens the rest of this day.

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