Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Slow Grind Review...

Only the good died young. It’s a phrase I wish never existed.

Best mates shouldn’t get cancer, especially terminal at twenty-seven. And experimental treatments shouldn’t cost a hundred grand. But sometimes life just fucking sucked.

Then I got an idea to raise the cash. If a woman could strip her way through uni, we could strip our way to a cure, right? We were attractive Aussie guys, and with the help of Max’s kid sister, we could nail the choreography.

I hadn't seen Aubrey since she was twelve. She’d gone from a pig-tailed, freckled tomboy into the sexiest chick I think I'd ever met. I made a promise to Max to steer clear, but when she was choreographing our routines …

The Men of Mornington were going to heat things up, and things just got a whole lot hotter..



I have no words for this book it was that good!  However, definitely just left you hanging at the end.  I mean what happens?

Anyways, after Aubrey's parents divorce she moves to the states with her father.  However, her senior year of college right before graduation she is called back home to Australia because her brother is dying of cancer.  Going back however means dealing with her mother, reconnecting with old friends and dealing with her feelings for her brothers best friend Drew.  Drew and Max have been friends since they were little kids.  With the help of Aubrey, Drew and all of their other friends can they get Max into an experimental drug program?  Will Drew and Aubrey work things out and will Max give them the go ahead?  Will everything go as planned or will everything fall apart?

Now while I have heard of books with similar plot lines I have not read books with similar plot lines.  It is such a great story.  I enjoy the way the characters interact with each other.  I enjoyed the pace as well as the flow of this book.  Everything works well together in this book.  I could not put it down it was that good (it's been a while since I've read a book I absolutely couldn't put down).  However I almost threw my kindle across the camper when I finished the book.  I can't believe that is how it ended and that it ended so soon.  I am really hoping that there will be more books to follow this one because I have a ton of questions and absolutely no answers.  I am not a huge fan of cliff hangers or unanswered questions so sadly while it was an excellent book it is losing some points for that reason.
I can't wait to read more books about these characters and to find out what happens with Max.  I hope everything ends well for everybody.  I will definitely keep a look out for the next book.  I must have answers and I hope I don't have to wait long to receive them.

4.5 Aussie Stars

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