Monday, November 24, 2014

Not Boyfriend Material Cover Reveal...

Not Boyfriend Material
Boyfriend Material Trilogy Book # 1
By- A.M. Hart
Genre- Adult Contemporary Romance
Expected Publication Date- TBA

It all started with a phone call…

When Tilda Callas picked up that phone, she never expected the voice on the other end would change her life. The humdrum routine of her life shattered, leaving her excited at her new possibilities.

Heathcliff Fleming knew he was in trouble the moment he heard her voice. Believing he wasn’t good enough for her didn’t stop him from finding every excuse to call the dairy just to talk to her as often as possible.

After taking a chance to get closer, being friends proves to be more of a challenge to them than they expected. Keeping their friendship strong when everything inside of them is shoving them towards being more threatens to tear them apart. Tilda wants to show Heath how perfect they are for each other, but can she prove to him he’s wrong to think that he is truly not boyfriend material?

About the Author-
A.M. Hart is a 30-something single mom whose one true love is the written word. After getting her degree for hotel and restaurant management and realizing her dream of opening her own Bed & Breakfast, she found herself spending more and more time jotting down crazy story ideas in the notebooks she carries with her everywhere. Finally, after some not-so-gentle nudging from her friends and family, she decided to try her hand at writing an actual book in her spare (ha-ha) time.


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