Monday, September 2, 2013

The Silent Swan Review...

The Silent Swan
By: Lex Keating
AltWit Press
Releasing Aug 26th, 2013

Inspired by Grimm’s fairy tales, Lex Keating takes a contemporary, quirky twist on the old legend of The Seven Swans, removing the magic, and adding memorable characters.

Once upon a time – better known as “now” - Gabriel Pritz reigns as king of his high school. Easy grades, perfect baseball season, a pretty date for prom—he's coasting into a golden future. Until his parents demand he cook dinner once a week. Caught between kitchen fires and ballpark withdrawal, Gabe is thrown into Tam Swann's orbit. Hostile, friendless, and stubborn, she's exactly the sort of person he'd prefer to avoid.

Tam's sphere of influence expands beyond Gabe's sad domestic skills, rapidly invading everything from his favorite game to parts of his soul he didn't know existed. It's uncomfortable, it's hard work, it's...making him a better man. And that's just what she does to people she doesn't like. The better he gets to know her, the more he has to face the truth: this sharp, heart-breaking outcast is worth fighting for. How many families, fairy tales, and felons will he go through to ride to the rescue of the bravest person he's ever met?



By Ashley:

This book was slow starting for me but I wound up falling in love with it.  There are a lot of details from the beginning that make you say What on Earth is going on but then you continue reading and it all starts to make sense again.  Lex Keating has one of my favorite things when it comes to a good book...she is enigmatic and you never know what will pop out of the book next.  While this is a very deep and touching story there is a slower pace to it in my opinion.  I have read a lot of books similar to this one and felt they moved too quickly, this book on the other hand flowed perfectly.

I loved finding out what the Pritz boys would do next.  Or what happened with the Swann family.  I was intrigued from the start and loved every second of the journey set up in this book.  Thank you Lex Keating for writing such a great story and sharing it with the world!

Lex Keating has been engaged in a passionate affair with books ever since the Velveteen Rabbit wanted to be Real. She graduated from a liberal arts college with a BA in literature, and currently resides near Charleston, South Carolina, in a swamp full of barbarians and all their cats. She has been a teacher, a paralegal, a computer programmer, and a hospice caregiver. She currently divides her time between studying old fairy tales and making up new ones.