Sunday, September 20, 2015

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Fitting in has never been something fifteen-year-old Hadley Asher ever aspired to. Three schools in one year brings unwanted and unwelcome attention to a girl like Hadley who only wants to blend in. 
After her family moves from Buffalo, NY to the small, upper-class town of Blue Valley in Central New York, Hadley's next door neighbor Lana quickly befriends her, the two becoming nearly inseparable. However, Paxton Jamison, Lana's stepbrother and the boy with the brilliant blue eyes, has to step in to help Hadley deal with Lana, who is hard to handle on a good day. 

When an unprecedented scandal and tragedy strike the small community, Hadley becomes its focus, its target. As a result, the girl who hides in books and wants to blend in with the background finds breathing is nearly impossible.

REVIEW (by Kayla):

Hadley isn’t one to fit in. She has been to 3 schools in a year and that is hard for Hadley who just wants to blend in and not be noticed. But when her family moves from Buffalo to New York, Hadley’s new neighbor Lana befriends her and they become inseparable. When Lana’s stepbrother Paxton has to step in to help Hadley with Lana, it is not good. Then there is scandal and tragedy in the small community and Hadley becomes the focus. The girl who hides in books and wants to blend in, it is nearly impossible at this point. 

I liked this book. I liked the storyline and characters. It was a good read and I would recommend it to my friends. I give it 4 out of 5 stars!