Monday, July 27, 2015

Just a little update for your Blog Host!

I have taken this year to read books that aren't part of a tour because they had been piling up for the last two or three years.  I have a goal to read 300 books this years and as of right now I am behind by 6 because I just got back from a signing/vacation.  I have been to two signings so far this year and have one more in September which I can't wait for because I will get to meet Toni Aleo at that one.  At the Cleveland signing back in April I took a chance and fell in love with Chelsea Camaron's books and bought the whole Hellion's series. (Over the weekend at the Harrisburg signing I bought the rest of her books!)  This past weekend I got to meet two of my favorite authors Lila Rose who I fell in love with via review tours that I did for several of her books and R. L. Mathewson who was my second Indie Author ever!

Anyways, I have a ton of reviews piling up that I need to post because my awesome review team has been helping me work through my NetGalley reviews.  So reviews are still coming in I just haven't had that much time to update the page so I will be working on that over the next couple weeks and there will most likely be one review per day once they start popping up until I run out of posts.  I am still working two jobs and I am reading a ton so I have limited time for blogging but I post when I can.  I miss doing review tours and plan on getting back to them at the end of this year or the beginning of next year.  That all depends on if I end up going down to one job from home instead of basically full time at two jobs (can you say stressful).

I am also working on getting set up as a reviewer with a couple different publishing companies but for now I am just dealing with NetGalley and the very occasional review tour.  I am trying to do as many release day and cover reveal tours as I can but it's summer and I have been crazy busy with all the different trips I have been on this year.  I am also working on a few different writing pieces which keep me busy as well.

Hope you are all have a great summer and don't forget to check back often to see what reviews pop up or what new releases I have for you!